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At Quick Knowledge, we partner with various educational institutions to create and produce engaging and exciting learning content based on the various syllabus offered in Ghana.

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We create an engaging learning environment with lessons, quizzes with an active community learning experience.


We offer a streamlined education content creation platform for staff with tracked student learning and performance data.


We supply the tools to create lessons, articles and quizzes with an auto-grading feature which offers direct feedback on student's performance.

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French for All Ages!

More than 300 million people speak French on the five continents. There are 31 French speaking countries in Africa, 9 of them being our West African neighbours.

Quick Knowledge Features
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Our platform has been built as a virtual classroom which focuses on delivering subjects in a practical, fun and interactive way for Ghanaian students. Quick Knowledge creates, curates and delivers educational content aimed at helping students, teachers and schools.

Expert Curation

Quick Knowledge's content has been curated by our expert partners to help students grasp subjects and their related topics easier by focusing on relevance and accuracy. Learning material has been organized for easy navigation and perusal.

Content Creation

Quick Knowledge seeks to improve and diversify the educational content in Ghana. Our platform gives content creators the ability to create engaging and exciting tailor made content in various forms, i.e., Notes, Audio, Videos and Games for their students.


The Community is our Social Education Platform allowing students from different schools to interact on interesting topics and school subjects. Students can submit projects and enter competitions to win prizes.

Over 210 Books

Quick Knowledge hosts over 210 books and articles ranging from topics including Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Africa, Technology, Engineering. etc.

Data Analytics

At Quick Knowledge we believe in the growth of every student’s academic performance. This is why we have made it easier for schools and teachers to track and interpret a student’s academic behaviour over a periods of time based on books read, tests taken, results and other data captured by our learning platform.


To introduce healthy competition amongst our users, there is a point scoring system with ranks based on student performance in quizzes, activities and tests.